Esfahan Tarjomeh

Android Voting System Is Now Available!

This application is adaptable to the conventional voting system like Cyber7 A280 model. What you are supposed to do is just downloading the mobile application along with its PC server.

The whole system will be available for download in October 15, 2015.

Video Tutorial

You can download the windows application here.

Let us rate your popularity.

Welcome to our sophisticated session management system. As you know, our system consists of 3 major handful entities to help you exert more control on your seminars and sessions.

Web interface

Our web interface is designed and envisioned to help you integrate different reports in an elegant and informative environment. Through our web control panel you as well as other certified users can watch what is going on in your session in real time.

Voting server

This server is presented with a user-friendly user interface. This server is able to host your receiver devices and handles as many attendants as you have invited.

Entrance control system

By virtue of the state of the art image processing and computer vision techniques, our system benefits from a fully automated registration module which eases the submission procedure and also strengthens the validity of your on-the-session polls and voting. During the session, you will be able to see the voters faces' , votes' and opinions.

Visitors card

Our company is ready to make visitors cards and invitation letters for all of your guests on your behalf.


The session notes and voting results would be texted and/or emailed to your guests upon your request.
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